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Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2020

Here is a list of my favorite items that would make a great Mother’s Day gift. From flowers to skincare and jewelry to loungewear

First and foremost, SILK… The best Mulberry Silk for the most deserving mom. I absolutely love Silken Pure everything. I have a promo code for you as well. Use Promo Code: Shila30

The best diaper bag that can be used as an everyday bag by Luli.Bebe Use Promo Code: Shila25 for your discount.

Most beautiful and delicate jewelry with a message from Admit Jewelry

One of my favorite shoes with a positive message by Jujuteh

My favorite classic and timeless Molton Brown

Beautiful Clothing racks that every mom will fall in love with.

Gold rolling-rack with three shelves

Industrial Pipe Rolling clothing rack & Industrial and wooden Rolling rack

Classic and beautiful clutches by Eyeloveaccessories

One of my favorite jewelry designers Monica Rich Kosann has some of the most beautiful and thoughtful charms and lockets I have ever seen. Here are some of my favorites.

As a mom and a beauty lover, a good face roller is a MUST. Here are some of my recommendations…

A good red light skin therapy, is a best gift you can give. Your welcome ūüėČ

I get a lot of compliments on some of my dresses from Ivy City Co. I have to admit, they are some of my favorites. Delicate, and gorgeous. They would make a great gift.

As a mom of two, I have gone through some serious hair loss and hair looks. A good hair product can make or break the cycle. Here are my faves…

Who doesn’t like to look cute lounging around the house? especially these days. I could live in my Bleu Salt hoodie and jogger for days. They are made of sustainable luxury, once you wear one you will feel it….

And here are some other adorable sets that would make a great gift as well.

Flowers that last a year?! YES! who wouldn’t want that? here are some of the favorites that I have tried and love.

Eternal Fleur is one of my favorites. The roses are gorgeous, and they smell divine.

Majestic Fleur and I have code: SHILA20

Here are some of my top Skincare recommendations. Taila is one of my personal favorites. All-natural, non-GMO, none toxic ingredients. and here are the rest of my faves…

Lifestyle Motherhood Product Review

Bloom Highchair Review and Promo code

I am going to let his smile speak for the chair for a second. ūüôā

After trying out so many high chairs in the past year and a half we decided to go back to what worked best for us with our first child. Which was the Bloom Fresco Highchair.

My boys are both in the 99th percentile for height, which means they require more space than average kids! I have probably gone through four or five high chairs in the past year alone. They all ended up being small, uncomfortable, or just simply didn’t serve the purpose and didn’t grow with my child. Watching him be uncomfortable in the chair and screaming to get out was what made me get another Bloom. From experience, it will be money well spent for the comfort of your little lad.

This time around we opted for the silver and white combo, which looks like an art piece in our kitchen. There are more than a few things we love about this particular high chair.

You can go from cradle mode for resting to semi-reclined for bottle-feeding to fully upright with the light-touch handle.

You can easily pull it up to the table or breakfast bar. You can also personalize it based on your home decor by choosing from 6 frames and 15 seat pad colors to find your perfect combination.

Fresco highchair is suitable from newborn to 36kg/79lb, and we love the 360-degree rotation 

However, the main reason we decided to go back to the Bloom, was the amount of room and comfort it provided my baby. He sits in comfortably with a big smile, which makes it all worth it.

We also love the fresco mat and bowl set. Hudson loves to flip over his bowls and plates. The silicon mat and bowl really help with keeping everything together and intact, they are every mother’s dream… anti-slip, stain-resistant. Dishwasher, microwave, and freezer safe. Bloom, thank you for thinking of everything when it comes to feeding babies.

To share the love now you can use the following promo code to get your promotional discount on me.

Promo Code: shila10

Lifestyle Parenting

Quarantine 2020 Activities At home for family

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread, many parents are finding themselves in quarantine with kids in order to most effectively practice ‚Äúsocial distancing.‚ÄĚ I am a mom of two and let me be real… I have found myself in some difficult times when it comes down to entertaining my kids while trying to also educate them and run the house. SEND HELP…. lol

After many breakdowns and research, I found out that us parents can do a number of activities alongside our kids that facilitate active, engaged learning. I also found several solutions to keeping the kids occupied. From keeping their minds sharp with various online learning tools or keeping their spirits high with family activities.

I have put a list of things together that have worked with my kids (so far) and I hope that it will help you as well. We are in this together. Sending you all a big loving hug during these tough times.

1. Set up a treasure hunt: This one is easy and can keep the kids occupied for a few hours. Hide anywhere from 10 to 20 items in the yard or around the house.

2. Virtual tour of the Louvre: Take a trip with the family Paris, France by taking a digital tour of one of the most famous international museums, the Louvre. Here are some more virtual tours I found for you:

The Great Wall of China 

Boston Children‚Äôs Museum 

Guggenheim Museum 

Van Gogh Museum 

The Louvre 

Houston Zoo live animal cameras

Farm 360 (Virtual Farm)

 African wildlife cam 

live stream of puppies

British Museum

3. Watch the beluga whales at the Georgia Aquarium: This is probably one of the coolest webcam’s set up at the Georgia Aquarium. Your family will love this.

4. Indoor Family Picnic: We love and use our VEER Basecamp in the living room and have family picnics in the afternoon. If you don’t have a VEER Basecamp, you can always create one with the sofa/chairs and pillows and a sheet over them all.

5. Cosmic Kids Yoga: Having a structure is a must. That’s what they are used to. Craft projects or solving puzzles are fun activities but staying physically active is also crucial.  We enjoy Cosmic Kids Yoga YouTube channel it that will encourage your little ones to get up and get moving while teaching them mindfulness and relaxation.

6. Online education resources for FREE: The public educational company Scholastic has launched a ‚ÄúLearn at Home‚ÄĚ website with ‚Äėday-by-day projects to help keep kids reading, thinking, and growing. Here are some other websites that are offering free online courses: Khan AcademyDuolingo, National Geographic Kids, and ST Math and.

7. Go to Mars: Explore the surface of Mars with this digital 360¬į camera.

8. Academic printables: Download and print academic printables at printables.

9. Play dress up: It’s always fun and puts the kids in a good mood.

10. ABC Mouse Learning Academy: This app has been a great help. It’s educational and fun.

Beauty Lifestyle


As you all know by now, I am a lover of all things beautifully made and beautifully scented. Since I became a mother, I have been in search of all things naturally made. When I found Skylar I was beyond excited.

Skylar’s philosophy is simple: use the good and lose the bad. They offer natural, clean, modern scents that are hypoallergenic and free of toxic chemicals. They checked all the boxes: Hypoallergenic ‚úď No Synthetic Dyes ‚úď Phthalate-free ‚úď Cruelty-free ‚úď Made in the USA

They do not contain allergens and harmful chemicals and smells fresh and sophisticated. Skylar is a brand of clean perfumes that you can feel great about spritzing. A fun fact, the name Skylar was inspired by the qualities of a clear day – airy, natural, and beautiful.

love all the scents, but my favorite one is MEADOW.

Lifestyle Style

Sustainable Comfort with BleuSalt

If you are in the hunt for effortlessly stylish joggers, oversize button-ups, stylish loungewear, most comfortable hoodies, and dusters, you need to check out Bleusalt.

All Bleusalt pieces are made domestically using an eco-friendly material derived from beechwood trees! Officially will be living in my Bleusalt loungewear for life. Thank you, Lyndie Benson, for designing a selection that is not only comfortable to wear but also stylish and chic.

As a new mom to my number two, I was in search of something comfortable enough to run after my toddler while trying to keep my newborn alive, and at the same time look semi-chic. is that too much to ask? I was so happy that I found Bleusalt. I am a forever fangirl

Lifestyle Product Review

Linger Home

After baby number two and eight months of milk spills, and spit ups all around the master bed it was time to change our bed set “hallelujah.”

I was not sure what I was looking for since I was still very much sleep-deprived and exhausted, as some of you moms can relate. I just knew that I wanted it to be white, beautiful and chic. The comfort didn’t even come to mind at the time of my google search.

My Pajamas: Pretty You London

I am happy to report that, I found what I was looking for and more in Linger Home collections. I seriously feel like I have missed out on good sleep and luxury feel all my life not having Linger Home linen collection as my bedding set. My family and I love lounging and having our cuddle sessions on our new found bed set.

I am absolutely in love with my Linen Sheet Set & Linen Duvet Set in white. Made of 100% finely spun European flax it feels like pure luxury. It looks beautiful and best of all it feels ah-mazing.

One of my favorite things about the duvet cover is that it includes corner ties to prevent your duvet insert from bunching and a hidden-button closure. Whaaaaaat? how come no one ever thought of this before. I love Linger Home even more.

I also got the Linen Throw in Birch to add a little color accent to my bedding and let me tell you that elevated the whole set.

Overall I am more than a satisfied customer right now; I am more like obsessed. I will be getting more products from Linger home since they have all things bed, bathroom, living room and more.

Lifestyle Parenting

Safety 1st

After testing so many monitors finally decided on Safety 1st HD WiFi Baby Monitor. I can stay connected wherever I go via using my phone, and I love the ever so clear monitor app on my phone and the smart audio unit. Use Code: MONITOR25  25% off + get a free Safety Kit with your monitor order through the Safety 1st website only 

We also have the adhesive lock for the drawers around the house. I love that I can unlock and lock the feature of the adhesive lock! It is pretty cool. It is toddler tested and that makes me feel safe about all the sharp tools drawer! The Safety 1st Highest Standard in Safety (HSS) is Toddler Tested, Proven Stronger so you can rest assured you are getting products that already meet the highest standard in safety.  
All of Safety 1st Home Safety locks will be on sale for 25% at major retailers (Amazon, Walmart, Target and Buy Buy Baby).

Lifestyle Motherhood Parenting

MaxTrix Toddler Bed

As I blink my eyes, my little rascal is turning three in a few weeks and I am at awe of what he has taught me in these past three years. I still can’t believe my little munchkin is turning three, more like three going on 13!

It was time to move our Preston out of his comfortable, safe, and cozy crib into a big brother bed. I knew that the transition was not going to be an easy one but it was something that had to be done.

Bed: MaxTrix Kids Bedding: RookieHumans PJ’s: Kytebaby

I was looking for a bed that was practical, safe, and something that would grow with him and turn into a bunk bed. I also wanted something stylish that would match the room decor. That’s when I came across MaxTrix Kids. They have many beds to chose from, all types and colors and so many different variations.

Read more about our experience in choosing the perfect bed here:

Preston’s Room Reveal Starring a Toddler Bed for Boys

The beautiful bedding is from Rookie Humans.

Preston’s Pj’s are from KyteBaby.

Bed: MaxTrix Kids Bedding: RookieHumans
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