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Keeping my babies away from harmful germs thanks to Upang

Keep your baby away from harmful germs with Upang.

I love my UPANG and wouldn’t change for anything else. UPANG has undoubtedly saved me so much time and unnecessary stress of if the toys and teethers are clean enough or if the bottles are sterilized properly.

I have been fighting OCD since I can remember. Now that I am a mom of two my OCD is on another level. Yes, it is true that some germs are good for kids and it will strengthen their immune system but everyone is entitled to their opinion. I don’t like germs.

UPANG makes it so convenient to clean the bottles, toys, binky, etc and sterilize them all at the same. I love all the options, from sterilizing to just drying.

With powerful dual UV lights, UPANG will kill more than 99.9% of harmful germs and bacteria. With this all-in-one sterilizer, I can dry, sterilize, and remove odours at the touch of a button. After baby number one I have realized that cleaning and sterilizing baby bottles don’t have to be more work than necessary.

This amazing device is designed with busy parents in mind. Every minute counts why should I worry about boiling water and whether or not the bottle was cleaned enough for my precious baby.

I put everything that fits in my UPANG, bottles, teething toys, spoons, brushes, sponge, keys, remote control, toys, and everything else that my baby puts into his mouth.

It is definitely worth the price, keep our mind at ease knowing that everything is well sterilized and 100% germ-free.

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