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The Makeup Date

Another event, and another fun day with friends and makeup.

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After having attended the last two Hello Gorgeous events, my friend and I decided to try “The Makeup Date” event which is very similar to Hello Gorgeous event at Bloomingdale’s South Coast Plaza on July 30th. As always it was an eventful day with introductions to many new products from each line of makeup and facial brands. Prior to the show we were presented with a $25 gift card to Bloomingdale’s (to replace the $25 you initially paid to RSVP for the event) as well as a gift bag full of goodies and new products to try. Bloomingdale’s also provides each attendee a light snack and beverages, but don’t get too excited…there’s no alcohol!


We had the opportunity to meet our lovely and beautiful host from the “Hollywood Today” show Ms. Kristen Brockman. Kristen was packed with smiles and charm and made it even more fun to participate in The Makeup Date games and questionnaires.


As usual the representatives for each brand came up on the stage and introduced their new products for the season and went over the benefits and answered questions from the audience. After 15 minutes of talk time we had a raffle for yet another full size gift bag. Sad to say we didn’t win anything (sad face) but happy for those who won and now get to try the new goodies.


(Kristen is rocking a Ted Baker dress)

The show lasts about two hours, and after that you can go on your merry way and shop away. Which is exactly what my friend Anura and I did. Overall It was a fun day. It’s a great day to spend time with your girlfriends and try on new makeup, get samples of what you like and also lots of gifts with purchase. As for the gift bag, it was great to see lots of samples and try new products from our favorite lines and here are some of my favorites from the goodie bag.

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If you decide to attend the next show I highly recommend that you contact Jenny from La Prairie counter at Bloomingdale’s South Coast Plaza (714) 824-4600.

She is a sweetheart, she will follow up with you before the event and makes sure to go over all your questions.

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