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Sustainable Comfort with BleuSalt

If you are in the hunt for effortlessly stylish joggers, oversize button-ups, stylish loungewear, most comfortable hoodies, and dusters, you need to check out Bleusalt.

All Bleusalt pieces are made domestically using an eco-friendly material derived from beechwood trees! Officially will be living in my Bleusalt loungewear for life. Thank you, Lyndie Benson, for designing a selection that is not only comfortable to wear but also stylish and chic.

As a new mom to my number two, I was in search of something comfortable enough to run after my toddler while trying to keep my newborn alive, and at the same time look semi-chic. is that too much to ask? I was so happy that I found Bleusalt. I am a forever fangirl

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