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Sundance 2016

I have  been to the amazing Park City, Utah many times before but only for skiing and dining. I have always wanted to experience the Sundance while enjoying other activities. I had heard so much about the movies, events, and other fun things you can do so this year I decided to schedule my ski time to fall exactly on the start of Sundance Film Festival 2016.


Park City, always had a special place in my heart. From the magical Main Street to the majestic mountains and the irresistible fluffy snow.

So, adding Sundance to my activities made me even more excited for my trip.


Let me tell you, there are plenty of great restaurants to dine in during your visit, so much yummy food with great ambiance. But I highly advise that you make reservation way in advance. Some of the places I like to dine while I am in Park City are; Chimayo, Grappa, and my all time favorite place SHABU. They are all located on the Main Street and very close to other events that goes on during Sundance.

One thing I learned during my visit this time around was that people don’t ski much during Sundance ! Which means you got the mountain to yourself pretty much and you get to take so many amazing pictures.


The weather was pretty cold, but perfect for skiing. This time around I was able to ski on some fresh powder, and I have to say it was AWESOME.

I kept warm by wearing my Helly Hensen Ski clothes and other under garments the 24 Fahrenheit degree weather.


This day in particular was very very cold. It was an exhilarating experience skiing down the mountain while snow falling down on your face.


As the temperature dropped my face started freezing too. So I purchased the face mask you see above and started saying “Luke I am your mother” lol JK

I felt like Darth Vader coming down those slopes.

After skiing all day, I would rest up a bit and get ready to hit the town. While it was fun walking up and down the Main Street in the cold (make sure you wear your water proof snow boots before heading to out) it was even more fun waiting an hour for our table and making new friends.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to see any movies, because everything was sold out and the wait list line was pretty long. According to the Sundance website it’s best to purchase your movie tickets and passes way in advance, the tickets are ready and on sale every year in the month of October.

This turned out to be a great trip as usual. Skied, ate great food, and made some new friends. Can’t wait for next year.

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