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Finding a perfect baby lounger for a newborn can be easy or outright frustrating. I have three or four different loungers around the house and I love them; each for their unique way of soothing my baby. What I love about the Smilo Lounger is the comfort and the sense of security it brings to my baby.

Hudson is wearing Kyte Baby Layette in Cocoa.

My baby was in the NICU for the first week of his life, he was used to confined and a snuggly place to fall asleep easily. Smilo lounger came handy with providing the two wings on each side to keep him snuggled up and safe from falling. The mattress is sturdy and yet soft and comfortable, made of high quality material with exceptional workmanship.

It is portable and light to move around the house. I can set it on the floor next to me while I am working or on the bed while we are both trying to get some Zzzz’s. I love the size of the lounger, my baby can definitely grow with it until he is at least 6 months old. Even my two year old tries to lie down in it after he sees his little brother sleeping in it.

The lounger has two pockets on one side. I used them to hold the bottles, diapers, my phone and the TV remote if I am on the bed. (I lose my phone and the remote all the time, so this makes it easy for me to know where they are at all times)

Hudson is wearing Asher and Olivia Footie

As for cleaning the cover, all I have to do is unzip from the bottom of the lounger, and throw it in the washer.

Smilo Bottles

Smilo Baby Bottles are another baby product I highly recommend. There is minimal parts to them and very easy to assemble and wash, they also have anti-colic mom like nipples. I appreciate not needing to wash so many parts compared to some other “anti-colic” bottle brands. My hands thank you Smilo.

Smilo bottles have helped with my newborns spit up and reflux since I started using them and burps right away after he has finished his feed. The nipples come in different sizes for different age group. I am currently using size 1, but when he turns three months I think I need to change it up to size two.

At the end of the day we all want to help our little ones with their reflux and colic. I am so happy I have found the perfect bottles for my little guy, as I hope you do too.

Hudson is not ready for the pacifiers yet but once he is ready, these are great quality pacifiers for babies.

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