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Ski Trip Essentials

Ski Trip Packing Checklist

I am doing the packing for the Sundance Festival this coming weekend and putting together my packing list. Thought I’d share it with you just in case you need a little reminder ( I know I do) for those essentials that could be easily forgotten.



__Glasses or Contact Lenses (Take a second pair just in case)

__Eye drops (for dry eyes)



__Warm and Heavy Sweaters or turtlenecks. I personally can’t wear turtlenecks. They makes me feel suffocated, but if you are ok with wearing turtlenecks then take a couple with you.

__Scarf (I take two; one black and one red)

__Warm Hat (two or three of them)

__Gloves or mittens

__Waterproof Ski Pants

__Waterproof Ski Jacket

__Waterproof Socks (1/day)

__Snow Boots

__Pants/Jeans/Leggings (3 max)

__Ski Googles

__Ski Gloves

__Underwear (1/day)


__ Warm Pajamas

__ Uggs

__ Long-sleeved shirts/tops (1/day)

__ Nice Top/Dress for night out

__ Coat

__ Long Jacket

__Boots (2 max)


__Chargers (Phone/iPad/Labtop/Camera)

__Camera (Spare memory card)



__Hair Brush

__Travel size hair spray/dry shampoo ( highly recommend Oribe‘s spray)

__Hair curler (if necessary)

__Sunscreen/Lip balm

__Travel size face spray (I use Caudalie’s much-adored Beauty Elixir spray )

__Makeup Bag (filled with your everyday essentials)

__Makeup Brushes

__Makeup remover pads/Eye makeup remover pads

__Face moisturizer/Face hydration cream (it’s a MUST)

__Travel size Hand Cream or Baby Oil (I fill a small travel size bottle with baby oil, it’s perfect for cold weather)

__Travel size Hand Sanitizer

__Nail polish or top coat

__Travel size Perfume


__Tweezers (don’t ask)



__Ibuprofen(Nurofen) or other anti‐inflammatory drugs, other painkillers

__Allergy Pills (if necessary)

__Other Medications




__Money/Credit Cards

__Insurance card

Books and magazines





__Snacks – granola bars, fruit, nuts, etc.


WOW… This is a long list…. I will update the list as I am packing, please let me know if I am missing something.


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