Ghormeh Sabzi

OMG I did it! (Accomplished face)

I cooked Ghormeh Sabzi and it was so good. This is probably one of my favorite dishes, the one that I can eat for a week and not get sick of. From what I remember as a child, it used to take my dad four to five hours to make this dish. From getting the ingredients, including the FRESH herbs, cleaning, cutting, chopping, and finally cooking… OMG  I just got tired thinking about it……. Let’s be honest here, I don’t care how delicious it is I DO NOT want to spend four hours in the kitchen for one dish. So, here I found something that can save me time and almost taste as good as the one with fresh herbs. Of course it didn’t taste as good as my Dad’s Ghormeh Sabzi (sad face) but it did taste good, and it took me less than five hours.

I used Sadaf Ghormeh Sabzi dried herbs.

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