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BirchBox in bloom

I have been a member of Birchbox for years. I used to have mixed feeling about my subscription because I used to really get mad when the box was filled with very small sized items and a lot of small perfume samples. But times have changed so has Birchbox.

The limited edition Birchbox bloom has truly become my favorite box ever! The bloom box is filled with full-size beauty items as promised to help aid me perfectly into spring.

From Benefit cosmetics, I received one of my favorite highlighters “dandelion twinkle powder highlighter” ($30 retail) which goes on smooth and makes my cheeks shine like a diamond.

One of my other favorite products in the bloom box is the FULL size rejuvenating face oil by one and only BABOR ($69 retail). You have to try this oil, it’s an experience you do not want to miss. It restores the lipid balance (skin’s natural fat that keeps everything up and looking young) with rose extract and macadamia nut oil that leaves my skin more radiant than ever.

The one product that had me jumping in joy right after I put down my BABOR oil was the full-size Wanderess eyeshadow pallet by Wander Beauty ($25 retail). The pallet holds six beautifully saturated shades that are crease-proof! The colors are so beautiful, they are a reminder of the garden I visited in the Amalfi Coast of Italy. Simply breathtaking.

Birchbox even surprised me with a BONUS product. The desert cactus by Votivo which smells divine. As a candle hoarder, this will go right by my nightstand.

I love everything in this box and I have already started using them all. Kiehl’s cleansing face wash ($30 retail) is one I am very familiar with and use religiously. Stila Cosmetic’s convertible color in Petunia ($25 retail) is such a pretty color for spring and summer. I use it on my cheeks and lips. Herbivore Botanicals Jasmine body oil ($44 retail), and Derma-E Rose cleansing oil ($17.99 retail) were the items I was not familiar with but I am so glad they were in my box. Last but not least, Georgette Klinger Primrose eye cream ($32 retail)… I can not say enough about this creamy hydrating eye cream. It is made from evening primrose oil. It is perfection.

Overall, I am very happy with my Birchbox bloom as you can tell, and would recommend it to all you, my friends. You will not regret. This would also make a perfect mother’s day gift to your beloved or best friend.


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Belli Beauty Skincare

Throughout my second pregnancy I’ve tried the same skin regiment to prevent stretch marks with the same body oils & lotions as my first pregnancy because they worked for me. I have zero stretch-marks from the first pregnancy (Thank goodness).

But during my second pregnancy I came across Belli Beauty Skincare at my OB’s office. It came highly recommended, so I gave it a try. I tried the “Lavender infused Elasticity Belly Oil” and it was love at first sight. It’s a thick oil that goes on smoothly but does not leave any oily traces behind leaving my shirts clean looking not oily and worn out. But it’s the scent of lavender that has me even more hooked on this oil. Imagine you are running in the field of freshly bloomed lavender farm in the french country. It’s amazing… It’s very calming and I feel like the oil in combination with the lavender also calms the baby down during those belly kickboxing nights. Ya’ll know what I mean.

I used the “Elasticity Oil” in combinations with the “Stretch Mark Cream” to keep my skin hydrated and moist during the cold, and dry weather of fall. So far it has worked with the elasticity of my every-growing belly with zero stretch-marks.

I am totally hooked on Belli Beauty Skincare everything. From the oil to the eye serum, face wash and everything else they make. I will continue using them pregnant or not.

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I remember the first time I saw DockATot, it was love at first sight. I wasn’t sure if it was a bed or a lounger I just knew that I wanted it for my baby. Mind you I wasn’t even pregnant yet. But I did have a friend whose baby shower was approaching fast. If it was good enough for me, it definitely was good enough for my good friend’s baby. I purchased it right away, and couldn’t wait to hear her thoughts on the DockATot once she started using it.

My friend was grateful and couldn’t stop thanking me for getting such an amazing gift. It turns out the DockATot can be used as a bed to cuddle my baby while lying down in my bed, also a baby lounger, and a play-bundle. This incredible multi-functional product can be used for all those activities and more. In addition, I get to choose from dozens of beautiful pattern to match my home decor.

When we were expecting my second son, towards the end of pregnancy I made sure there is a DockATot ready for the baby when we got home. My little one and I loved it from day one, as did my toddler who at times would lie in it lounging and refusing to share. I think I may need to get a Delux for him.

I have learned that DockATot is a perfect lounger, it creates a snug and soothing environment for my little one and apparently my toddler too. It makes me want to ask DockATot to make it in adult size too, please!

Wearing: Nested Bean

I have tried a couple of other loungers including Mumbelli, Snuggle Me Organics, and Smilo. They each are beautiful in their own way and offer different needs for a baby and mom.

Hudson in Snuggle Me Organics
Matching clothes: KyteBaby
Mat: Yay Mats

It all depends on what you are looking for in a lounger. You may find something helpful in each one depending on the climate, comfort level, and the reason for use.

Top: MomBellie
Bottom: Smilo Lounger

Here are a couple of reasons why I would choose DockATot for everyday use and travel. It is designed to reinvent the comfort level of the mommy’s womb for the baby. It provides a comfortable microclimate. It facilitates co-sleeping. It helps with early-stage tummy time. It can be used as a play area by adding the arch and a few cute hanging toys made by DockATot. And lastly, it looks great. I have also heard that it can help with crib transition Once I am at that stage I will update my blog with my experience of transitioning him to the crib.

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mamaRoo by 4moms

Let me start by saying that I am a big fan of everything 4moms. I was attracted to the look and design of mamaRoo at first glance not knowing what exactly it offered my little one. 28 months ago I purchased my first 4moms product and that happened to be the mamaRoo. I purchased the basic one first, didn’t have the bells and whistles it offers now with mamaRoo4 and yet my now toddler loved it and enjoyed being in it from day one when we got home from the hospital.

There was no question in my mind two and half years later, that I needed another mamaRoo4 for my now two months old baby. He has been enjoying his mamaRoo4since he was released from the NICU. It makes me so happy to see that there is a product made perfectly for babies who are in need of different motions, sound, and posture.

Now that I told you a little bit of why I chose mamaRoo4, let me tell you why you need this advanced bouncer if you are expecting or have a newborn at home.

mamaRoo4 is basically a bouncer that can either sway side to side or up and down to soothe your baby to mimic the movements you would do to comfort your baby while he/she is crying hysterically. Sound familiar? Well, now we have the mamaRoo doing it for us. Leaving us plenty of time to do other things, like maybe take a shower! haha if you are a new mom you know what I mean. We are very limited on time to take care of ourselves when there is a new little one at home. Whether you believe it or not you are going to be exhausted, sleep deprived and in love all at once. Having this beautiful bouncer help with providing a little “me time” is pretty ah-mazing.

The new mamaRoo4 has five unique motions and five-speed options for a total of 25 different combinations. Trust me when I say, you will find a motion that will soothe your baby. It also comes with four different soothing sounds and if your baby doesn’t like any of them you can connect your phone or any MP3 player and play whatever you like. I even play dance songs for both boys and have my toddler teach my little one how to dance.

My little one loves the mobile as my first child did. He stares at it and coo’s and smiles, I have even caught him reaching for them. I use the black and white side of the mobile accessories for the first three months because babies only see in black and white for those months and flip them over to the colorful side right after. He gets so excited when I put him in there, kicking his cute legs and smiling endlessly and when he gets tired he falls asleep like an angel. (Happy baby = Happy mama)

Kyte baby footie in mustard

There are three different fabric choices, I chose the grey classic seats because it matches my home decor. I already know it is going to help my baby, why not choose a color that matches the interior. It also comes with a dark grey, multi, and classic black. Don’t forgot, for your newborn you need the newborn inset to keep them more snuggled up.

As for the assembly, it is pretty easy to assemble. I am not great at putting things together, but it took me 7 minutes to assemble this beauty.

Hope this helps you with your decision on making your choice for your baby bouncer. This will make a great gift for a loved one who is expecting. They will be forever in your debt for giving them such an amazing gift that will provide a little time for the mama to get some much-needed rest.

If you have any questions please feel free to drop me a comment or email me. I will be happy to answer.


4moms mamaRoo Grey Classic baby swing

The 4moms mamaRoo infant seat bounces up and down and sways from side to side, just lik… [More]

Price: $239.99

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Halo DreamNest

HALO™ DreamNest™ open air sleep system

If you are looking for a safe sleeping gear for your baby, I highly recommend Halo DreamNest.

I love this DreamNest, the great thing about it is that you can use it in three different modes: a rocking bassinet, a portable crib or a playard for the little one, and a standalone cot. The feature of having mesh construction for breathability, is superb. I also love that I can rock my baby gently to sleep while I am seating on the sofa or the dinning table. It is light enough that I can move it from one side of the room to another without any fuss but at the same time secure enough to be able to leave the baby seat or sleep while I am doing other things around the house.

Personally I love everything about HALO because of the story behind the creation of HALO. If you are not familiar with the story I highly reccomend you giving it a read by cliking the link.

This DreamNest, is a great bang for your bucks as well. I highly recommend any mommy with a child under one year old and looking to purchase a Bassinet to consider this. Let me tell you why….

Robe: PinkBlush Maternity

DreamNest: Rocking Stage

The fact that I can use the DreamNest in three stages is priceless. I myself was looking for a bassinet that I can easily rock my baby back to sleep and this Halo provides a very smooth rocking feature which makes it very easy especially in the middle of the night when I am half asleep. For this stage baby must be less than 15 pounds. If the baby can pull himself up to crawling position or roll over, the bassinet is a not a good idea.

Hudson is wearing his HALO Sleepsac and loving it

The Mattress/Cot

The mattress is made of 100% cotton muslin breathable mesh with a cotton border. It is comfortable for the baby and very supportive. It is easily removal and washable. The mattress turns into a cot by attaching the four legs to the bottom of it and you can set it outside of the bassinet serving as a cot.

DreamNest: Sway/Rocking Bassinet

I love this feature on the DreamNest. I can easily rock the bassinet swaying my baby gently to sleep via the foot pedals while tackling other things with my toddler.

Portable Playard that can easily turn into a crib

At this stage, I can use the Halo as a portable crib or a playard (Pack N Play). It’s easily foldable therefore portable (wink wink) it also comes with a set of wheels which makes it very easy to haul from one side to another side of the house. The mesh mattress can be lowered and used as a breathable mattress. Baby will be safe and sound in this playard until they are 30lbs and 35 inches tall.

That same mattress turns into a cot after taking it out and attaching the legs (included). This breathable mesh can hold a baby up to 30lbs. This makes the cot a great camping bed.

Traveling with Halo DreamNest

The Halo DreamNest is so smart, I love that they have made it so it all and I mean ALL fits in one portable carrying case that can hold this 27 lbs beast of DreamNest.

Robe: PinkBlush Maternity
SleepSac: Halo 100% Cotton Muslin Sleepsack Swaddle

If you have any questions feel free to drop me a line.



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Micuna Ovo

Micuna Ovo Max Le High Chair

The OVO chair has become one of my favorite pieces in our home. The chair is beautifully designed and built to last. It is practical and makes eating together as a family more enjoyable by providing safety for our child and style for our home. It is very easy to assemble: it took us less than 20 minutes.

I have made a short Youtube video with a couple of important pointers that I hopes will help you assemble even faster than we did (wink wink).

This beautiful chair was packaged in a cute protective drum, that I am going to re-use for toy storage. (see picture)

I had originally planned to use the OVO chair for my newborn, but after we assembled it my toddler wanted to sit in it and “Have it” as he dictates to us! I have to admit it is a bit small for my two and half year old who is off the growth charts.

There is a lot I admire about the OVO chair but one thing I love most is that it is an everlasting piece. As the kids grow, I can effortlessly convert this piece from a high chair to an elegant desk chair for their study corner by removing the bottom part of the feet. This feature is priceless.

The OVO chair is recommended for use from 6 months up to 3 years or 40 pounds. Made of solid beech wood, ABS plastic and PE plastic. Removable and washable round tray. It also has a machine washable and removable padded seat cover available in 5 different colors (sold separately). There is a safety harness to avoid risk of falling. 

Dimensions: 33.46″ H x 20.86″ D 

A little background on Micuna:

Valencia, Spain-based Micuna is a global leader in the manufacturing of furniture and accessories for babies and children.  Recognized for their commitment to  design, quality and safety of its products, Micuna was one of the first Spanish companies to comply with the high standards of European quality and safety.  Micuna products are crafted with eco-friendly practices and materials including wood obtained from sustainable forests.  The Micuna U.S. collection includes the OVO high chair, SMART bassinet, LIFE crib collection and HARMONY evolutive crib.    For more information visit www.micunausa.com.

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Finding a perfect baby lounger for a newborn can be easy or outright frustrating. I have three or four different loungers around the house and I love them; each for their unique way of soothing my baby. What I love about the Smilo Lounger is the comfort and the sense of security it brings to my baby.

Hudson is wearing Kyte Baby Layette in Cocoa.

My baby was in the NICU for the first week of his life, he was used to confined and a snuggly place to fall asleep easily. Smilo lounger came handy with providing the two wings on each side to keep him snuggled up and safe from falling. The mattress is sturdy and yet soft and comfortable, made of high quality material with exceptional workmanship.

It is portable and light to move around the house. I can set it on the floor next to me while I am working or on the bed while we are both trying to get some Zzzz’s. I love the size of the lounger, my baby can definitely grow with it until he is at least 6 months old. Even my two year old tries to lie down in it after he sees his little brother sleeping in it.

The lounger has two pockets on one side. I used them to hold the bottles, diapers, my phone and the TV remote if I am on the bed. (I lose my phone and the remote all the time, so this makes it easy for me to know where they are at all times)

Hudson is wearing Asher and Olivia Footie

As for cleaning the cover, all I have to do is unzip from the bottom of the lounger, and throw it in the washer.

Smilo Bottles

Smilo Baby Bottles are another baby product I highly recommend. There is minimal parts to them and very easy to assemble and wash, they also have anti-colic mom like nipples. I appreciate not needing to wash so many parts compared to some other “anti-colic” bottle brands. My hands thank you Smilo.

Smilo bottles have helped with my newborns spit up and reflux since I started using them and burps right away after he has finished his feed. The nipples come in different sizes for different age group. I am currently using size 1, but when he turns three months I think I need to change it up to size two.

At the end of the day we all want to help our little ones with their reflux and colic. I am so happy I have found the perfect bottles for my little guy, as I hope you do too.

Hudson is not ready for the pacifiers yet but once he is ready, these are great quality pacifiers for babies.

Smilo Lounger, Baby lounger
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Mom’s The Word

I always put a lot of time and effort into packing my bags when I go away on a trip. Packing my hospital bag for the birth of my second baby was no exception. I had a checklist and checked items off as I packed them.

After much research I came across “The Ultimate Labor & Delivery Kit.” The cutest bag filled with all the necessary goodies from beauty, nutrition, sleep wear and even a handheld massager. They have thought of everything. There is even a phone battery backup in the bag! I am in love. If you’re expecting, you are definitely going to need this bag.

During my search I also came across the cutes matching outfit for mommy and baby “Take Me 2 the Hospital Set- Grey Stripe” The material is soooo soft and and comfortable it has become one of my favorite sets. It also looks so cute on both mommy and baby.

Another set that I decided to include in my bag but ended up using it at home is the most beautiful and delicate “Lace Back Nursing PJ- Black” I love the lace detail in the back and the delicately designed bow and most importantly the material that make this pajama feel so luxurious.

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Sales and Steals guide of 2018

Hi lovelies,

Black Friday is HERE…. there are so many sales out there and I want to share them all with you. I have a list here to make your shopping easier. Happy shopping.

Abercrombie – 50% off your entire order + free shipping on all orders.

One of my favorite trench coats under $110 now!

AMAZON  Lots of deals, the biggest one for me is the InstaPot also great deal on Amazon Echo

American Eagle + Arie – 40% off the Aerie Collection + Free Shipping. If you like comfy pajamas you’d love their sale. All Pajama pants $20

Ann Taylor – 50% off everything use code “blackfriday”

Anthropologie – 30% off of everything! 

Banana Republic – 50% off regular priced items. 

And, Cardmember Exclusive:
EXTRA 10% OFF  Everyday When You Use Your Gap Inc. Credit Card. Code: BRCARD

BaubleBar – 30% off everything. 

Express – 50% off everything + Free Shipping

Gap – 50% off everything + an extra 10% off with code “TREAT”

Goodnight Macaroon – Buy more, save more. 30% off of order of $150 with code THANKS30 and they increase the more you spend (up to 50% off).

H&M – Extra 30% off with code “3238”

J.Crew – 50% off your purchase using the code “TGIF”. 

Seriously when was the last time we saw J.Crew have a 50% off sale? ummm NEVER!

Kate Spade – Up to 75% off and free shipping to the US and Canada. 

Loft – 50% off your purchase with code “FRIYAY”.

MACYSUp to 75% off

Madewell– 25% off your purchase using the code “DEALWITHIT”.

Neiman Marcus Las Call – 80% off everything including clearance ! Free Shipping with code “LCSHIP”


Nordstrom – Up to 60% off select items + up to 40% off Designer Sale

Old Navy – 50% off your entire purchase!

One Kings Lane – 20% Off Sitewide PLUS an extra 10% with code OKLCYBER18.

Orlando Pita50% Off Entire Site

Sephora – Select items on sale.

Serena & Lily – 20% off everything using code “GATHER”.

Shopbop – Buy more, save more. Up to 25% off full-price items. Up to 75% Sales items. 15% off orders of $200+. 20% off orders of $500+. 25% off orders of $800+ Using the code “MORE18”.

Tory Burch – Up to 60% off with code “thanks”

ULTA – Free shipping on any $35+ purchase. $3.50 off your qualifying $15 purchase with code: 672343. 

Walmart – Select Black Friday deals.

Wayfair – Up to 80% off + Free shipping 

West Elm – Buy More, Save More + Free Shipping! 30% off $3,000 or more. 25% off $1,000 or more. 20% off $500 or more. 15% off $100 or more – Using the code “SAVEMORE”

Williams Sonoma – Up to 50% off electronics, up to 65% off cookware, up to 50% off tabletop, plus free shipping with code “FREESHIP”

Baby items on sale

Baby Toys on sale

Beauty items

I have used and still using the following products and they happen to be one of my favorites. Especially the “Eight Inch Sensor Mirror with Brightness Control” I absolutely love it. And guess what? They are all on SALE!


Electronics items

Home items



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Shine Responsibly with Lab Grown Diamonds

With the holidays around the corner we are all looking for the perfect gift for those we love. I have found a perfect gift that is beautiful, shines brightly and represents love, purity and eternity. If you are like any other friend I have, you will love these beautiful diamonds. I had heard about lab grown diamonds but had not actually seen one in person until I received my Fiona Diamonds stud earrings with 14kt white gold. It is absolutely  stunning girls. It actually shines brighter than the natural diamonds I have. I am wearing both the Fiona Diamonds and the natural diamond stud earrings in this picture; take a look for yourself.

I feel so lucky to have found “Fiona Diamonds“. Fiona Diamonds are lab grown diamonds and cultured in a controlled environment. They are purer than mined diamonds and possess the same cut, color, carat and clarity without harming nature or humanity. They make a perfect gift. The beautiful earrings come in a very cute box and a light shining on them when you open the box. It’s stunning.

Fiona only sells lab grown diamonds and moissanites which is why their stones are conflict free and have no adverse environmental effects. The best part is @fiona.diamonds donates 5% of its profit to charities that help rescue children from mining and other environmental causes.

I urge you to join Fiona’s cause and #ShineResponsibly by supporting it. Everyone knows the old adage that “A Diamond is Forever” but I truly believe that @fiona.diamonds is #TheNewForever….

Use code SHILA10 for 10% off your order.

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