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The benefits of Once Upon A Farm. For the love of FRESH, try OUAF for yourself and you will never try anything else again.

Once Upon a Farm has been in our family since my boys were little. I have always been worried about my picky eating boys’ daily nutrition intake. I am so grateful for having found something that both my kids and I enjoy without having to fuss over it.

Once Upon A Farm pouches are cold-pressed using high-pressure processing (HPP) to maintain a higher nutritional content and fresher, less sugary flavors. Which are every parent’s dream and my boys love them. I have to admit that on occasions I have one a day when I am on the go running errands and have zero time to stop and eat.

I love that Once Upon A Farm Pouches are healthy, no dairy, and farm to fridge perfection. You can imagine as a mom who struggles to feed the kids what their body needs I was pretty ecstatic to find a healthy alternative.

I started feeding Once Upon A Farm pouches to the kids by the time they were 6 months old. You can also put the pouches in a smoothie, it’s a great option for super picky eaters. I have also learned to freeze the pouches for long road trips, it’s a great way to keep them fresh. And if you don’t have enough room in the fridge to store the 24 pouches, I recommend freezing them as well. The subscription comes with 24 pouches.

The pouches are typically around $3.00 each at the store (Wholefoods, Target, any other store). With the subscription, you can choose from all the classic and new blends up to 24 pouches, you can also choose the frequency of the deliveries. Here are some of more benefits of having a subscription:

. You get VIP perks. (With each delivery, you’ll receive savings of up to 15% and free shipping)

. Easily customize your box. (You’ll also get early access to new products, subscriber-only offers, and more.)

Feel free to DM me or drop a comment if you have a question, I would love to help and answer your questions. Here is a link you can use to order your first subscription. Just click here Once Upon A Farm you can get up to 30% off your first subscription. I would greatly appreciate it if you used the link I have provided to make your first purchase.

On a side note, they have also launched baby meals that I can not wait to try.

I hope you enjoy the pouches as much as we do.

Much love

Shila, Xo


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