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I have been wanting to write about this over the counter serum for a while now, but I wanted to make sure that I use it at least for three months before making any claims or write any reviews. First off let me tell you a little bit about the company if you don’t know already. Boots No7 is an anti aging cream developed by Boots which is a pharmacy chain in Great Britain. Boots No7 includes numerous creams, serums, lotions and masks for both dry and oily skin types. The one I decided to use is the most famous one Protect & Perfect Advanced Serum.

I purchased this item from Target on one of those Target runs you do and end up buying everything you didn’t plan to! Do you know what I mean? Well, this was one of them, and I am happy that I did. I started using this item back in July of 2015. I applied it to my face before bed time. At first I thought it was for sunspots and wrinkles, but then I found out it was only for wrinkles. Cumulative results were shown for wrinkles only, not for age spots, sagging, or other signs of aging. Only the wrinkles around the eyes were tested in their study and they proved significant improvements after 12 months of consistent use.


Let me be clear, I don’t have much wrinkles, but I like to play it safe and be proactive.

It has been said by the skincare experts that if you use an item consistently with a specific formula for the problem area,  you will have a ever-better skin over time. So, consistency is the key here. A couple of ingredients in No7 including sunscreens, retinol, and l-ascorbic acid (an active form of vitamin C), have been proven to continuously improve aging signs with long-term use.

As for my personal review on this secret in a bottle, I give it a five star. It’s a reasonable price with very effective formula. One thing I need to tell you is that DO NOT throw the bottle away when you think it’s done! oh no… I made that mistake, on my second bottle I left it on my counter for a week because I was rushing out to go on vacation, and when I got back (a week later) I tried it and a lot more came out. I am not sure if it’s because of the design of the interior of the bottle or … whatever it may be I used it for another week or two after I thought it was empty!

My final thought stick with this potion and you’ll look progressively less lined.


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