Little Milou

Today I have decided to write abut my little Maltese named Milou. He is a AKC pure Maltese whose parents are dog show competitors. I picked him up earlier this year and it was love at first sight. I never knew how much love this little fur ball could bring to our home and I am so grateful for him everyday. He was born December 21st 2015 which makes him almost ten months old.

I have been receiving a lot of questions about what I feed him, how I feed him, and how I deal with his eyes dripping and causing stains on his face. So I decided to write a blog about my routine and hopefully answer some of the frequently asked questions.

First four months:

For the first four months you are not allowed to take a puppy out or let them play with other dogs. They need to get all of their shots before being introduced to the grass outside the house or play with other vaccinated dogs. Be sure to remember this rule or you will put your puppy in danger of catching harmful diseases.


I signed up with Banfield Hospital at PetSmart and I couldn’t be happier. Despite some of the negative reviews I decided to give them a try and I am pleased to say that we have a great vet and very pleased with the service we have been receiving. With that being said, do your own research and go visit the vet and see it for yourself and don’t depend on reviews only.



I started feeding him what the breeder had suggested which was Cesar dog food for puppies, and Blue Buffalo dry food. I chose the grain free dry food because some dogs just don’t do well with grains, especially small dogs. Freedom is a natural food that contains none of the grains or gluten that can trigger allergic reaction in some dogs. I mixed some of the dry food with the wet food and put him on a feeding schedule of 9:00 am, 3:00pm and 9:00pm with some treats in between.

After he turned six months he became a little picky with what he would eat so I made sure I had all types of meals available in case he didn’t like one. And I changed his wet food to Blue Buffallo Wet Food as well.

Cooking for him:

Once a month I cook for the little guy. Here is the recipe: one large chicken breast, one cup brown rice, one fine cut celery, and one fine cut small carrot, add two cups of water cook for 45 minutes on medium heat. I replace his lunch or dinner with the home cooked meal for one week. Try warming it up for 10 seconds before feeding. He loves warm food.


I cook a chicken breast or thigh separately and keep it in a little bit of chicken broth that it was cooked in, and feed it to him as a treat when he is acting up and being fussy about his food. It tends to open up his appetite.

He also loves apples as a treat. I cut them in small pieces and give it to him as a summer snack.

I also have these following treats on hand for training and just making him happy:

Milk Bone cookies, I would give him half of the cookie after he finishes his meal as a reward for eating his food.

Bil-Jac® Little-Jacs Training Dog Treat

Botanics Mini Training Rewards Dog Treats

PEDIGREE DENTASTIX Small Dog Treat, I feed half of a stick at night before bed time. It serves as brushing his teeth.

Harness and Leash:

I highly recommend that you purchase a harness for your dog and not just a leash that pulls on their neck, especially for smaller dogs. I Purchased the Harness from PetsSmart and his collar and leash from Henri Bendel‘s.


Make sure to purchase a toy for your puppy to chew on. They are going to need something when they are teething. Small dogs like small toys. I purchase small toys and wrap a ribbon around their neck and he loves it, because he can grab it by the toy or the ribbon.

Ok wow this has become a very long blog! And I haven’t even gone over sleep training and potty training. I think I’ll leave that for another blog. Hope this was helpful and please feel free to ask any questions.




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