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MaxTrix Toddler Bed

As I blink my eyes, my little rascal is turning three in a few weeks and I am at awe of what he has taught me in these past three years. I still can’t believe my little munchkin is turning three, more like three going on 13!

It was time to move our Preston out of his comfortable, safe, and cozy crib into a big brother bed. I knew that the transition was not going to be an easy one but it was something that had to be done.

Bed: MaxTrix Kids Bedding: RookieHumans PJ’s: Kytebaby

I was looking for a bed that was practical, safe, and something that would grow with him and turn into a bunk bed. I also wanted something stylish that would match the room decor. That’s when I came across MaxTrix Kids. They have many beds to chose from, all types and colors and so many different variations.

Read more about our experience in choosing the perfect bed here:

Preston’s Room Reveal Starring a Toddler Bed for Boys

The beautiful bedding is from Rookie Humans.

Preston’s Pj’s are from KyteBaby.

Bed: MaxTrix Kids Bedding: RookieHumans

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