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Kneipp and Baby bath

Since I got the green light on starting to bathe my little one I used this potent lavender oil in all his baths, and still  continue on doing so until he gets tired of it.

Let me back up a little. My baby had “Colic” what is colic? well that’s a whole new blog. I had no idea what colic was until I experienced it with my son. He would not stop crying and would have stomachache after each feed (every hour) therefore it made it very difficult for him to fall asleep not to mention myself. So I was desperate to try anything to help him calm down and have him relax a bit.

I received this oil from an office baby shower basket. At first I thought it was for MAMA, but than I read up about it and decided to use it for my little one. I have to admit I had no idea how much I needed to add to the bath water so I went through the first bottle in less than two months! The fact that the bottle didn’t come with a dropper didn’t help either. After I purchased my second bottle I started using a medicine dropper and add only ONE drop (more than enough) in the bath water. we are well in the third month now and the bottle is still half full. Yay!

I highly recommend this oil. It’s the best and most potent that’s out there and it smells great. I have also used some other oils for my little ones colic. I will write another blog on everything that has helped both of us thus far.


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