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Halo DreamNest

HALO™ DreamNest™ open air sleep system

If you are looking for a safe sleeping gear for your baby, I highly recommend Halo DreamNest.

I love this DreamNest, the great thing about it is that you can use it in three different modes: a rocking bassinet, a portable crib or a playard for the little one, and a standalone cot. The feature of having mesh construction for breathability, is superb. I also love that I can rock my baby gently to sleep while I am seating on the sofa or the dinning table. It is light enough that I can move it from one side of the room to another without any fuss but at the same time secure enough to be able to leave the baby seat or sleep while I am doing other things around the house.

Personally I love everything about HALO because of the story behind the creation of HALO. If you are not familiar with the story I highly reccomend you giving it a read by cliking the link.

This DreamNest, is a great bang for your bucks as well. I highly recommend any mommy with a child under one year old and looking to purchase a Bassinet to consider this. Let me tell you why….

Robe: PinkBlush Maternity

DreamNest: Rocking Stage

The fact that I can use the DreamNest in three stages is priceless. I myself was looking for a bassinet that I can easily rock my baby back to sleep and this Halo provides a very smooth rocking feature which makes it very easy especially in the middle of the night when I am half asleep. For this stage baby must be less than 15 pounds. If the baby can pull himself up to crawling position or roll over, the bassinet is a not a good idea.

Hudson is wearing his HALO Sleepsac and loving it

The Mattress/Cot

The mattress is made of 100% cotton muslin breathable mesh with a cotton border. It is comfortable for the baby and very supportive. It is easily removal and washable. The mattress turns into a cot by attaching the four legs to the bottom of it and you can set it outside of the bassinet serving as a cot.

DreamNest: Sway/Rocking Bassinet

I love this feature on the DreamNest. I can easily rock the bassinet swaying my baby gently to sleep via the foot pedals while tackling other things with my toddler.

Portable Playard that can easily turn into a crib

At this stage, I can use the Halo as a portable crib or a playard (Pack N Play). It’s easily foldable therefore portable (wink wink) it also comes with a set of wheels which makes it very easy to haul from one side to another side of the house. The mesh mattress can be lowered and used as a breathable mattress. Baby will be safe and sound in this playard until they are 30lbs and 35 inches tall.

That same mattress turns into a cot after taking it out and attaching the legs (included). This breathable mesh can hold a baby up to 30lbs. This makes the cot a great camping bed.

Traveling with Halo DreamNest

The Halo DreamNest is so smart, I love that they have made it so it all and I mean ALL fits in one portable carrying case that can hold this 27 lbs beast of DreamNest.

Robe: PinkBlush Maternity
SleepSac: Halo 100% Cotton Muslin Sleepsack Swaddle

If you have any questions feel free to drop me a line.



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  • Karen
    09/28/2020 at 9:08 pm

    Can a baby sleep in the halo over night?

    • ShibyShila
      09/28/2020 at 9:31 pm

      Hi Karen,
      Yes, baby can sleep in the halo overnight. I had the halo next to my bedside which made it easy for me to pick him up and feed him when he woke up.

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