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Growing Kit

Growing up we had a huge garden filled with fruit trees and a large section for herbs with a beautiful river running in the back. Climbing up the trees picking the fruits and picking my own herbs for lunch or dinner was one of my favorite things to do. Since we moved away I have always wanted to recreate that garden but never knew how…correction I still don’t. That was my Grandmother’s creation and it was dreamy.

I was walking down the endless isles of TARGET and saw these cute little growing kits made by BEEKMAN 1802 Farm Pantry. What do I have to lose, I thought to myself. If it was going to work it would and if it didn’t well at least I gave it a try. I reached out and picked one growing kit for Chives and one for Basil. If this works out I am definitely creating my own garden.

I tried following the direction and here is the video. Once I see some results I will add the updated pictures to this blog.


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