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Grow Gorgeous Hair Serum

Today I want to talk about a product that I have been using for over a year now and I absolutely love what it has done to my hair. I am not sure how you respond to stress; I lose hair and lots of it! Over the years I have used about everything that’s out there and has been suggested by other bloggers and hair dressers but I have never had the results I have had with this hair serum. The Grow Gorgeous Hair Serum has helped bring back more volume and density to my hair over time and only for that reason I am going to suggest it and keep on using it.

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(I’ll be doing a review on the other products from Grow Gorgeous in my upcoming blogs)

Let me tell you though, if you are looking for an over night result or if you can’t be consistent about using this serum then there is no need to even start using it. You need to be patient and accept the fact that this will take at least six months to work properly. I started seeing results after almost four weeks. I would apply 15 to 20 drops to my crown area every morning and massage it in for about two minutes. I  don’t recommend using it at night because it rubs off the pillow and it’s a waste of the product.

To see more about the product and helpful tips please watch my video:

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