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Glowing Nude Bronzer

Who is not in love with Rose Gold these days. I don’t care if it is going out of style (I am not saying it is) but if it was, I would still love it. Apparently Physicians Formula feels the same way by looking at their Nude Wear Nude Glow makeup collection, and to top it all off they have added a cute little bow. Who wouldn’t want to hold this cute box in their hand?

I am a big sucker for packaging and I have to say I love this little pink box with Rose Gold detailing and the BOW :). Ok enough about the packaging let’s talk about the BRONZER….

DrugStore Makeup-3A

I decided to try the Physicians Formula Nude Wear Nude Glow Bronzer in Bronzer.

These are the shades I typically choose to get the perfect tan look. This box had a dash of glitter which gives me that glowing shiny tan that I get when I am on a tropical vacation. I’ll take that look any day. I have to give the Physicians Formula A for design and color collection.

Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 8.52.05 PM

This bronzer has a sheer feel to it and it’s not bold. The glitter does wear off fast but you can count on the glow to stay at least three to four hours without any touch up. I would not recommend using this for contouring your face. This is very light, you can just use it to get that all over tan look and add a little shine to your cheeks after applying your blush. I did however use it on my chest, and the gold color as an eye shadow to get that perfect “Don’t bother me I am on vacation” look. I’ll be sure to take a picture next time to show you.

Overall this is a great product for a drugstore makeup, and so very cute to add to your collection.

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