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Shine Responsibly with Lab Grown Diamonds

With the holidays around the corner we are all looking for the perfect gift for those we love. I have found a perfect gift that is beautiful, shines brightly and represents love, purity and eternity. If you are like any other friend I have, you will love these beautiful diamonds. I had heard about lab grown diamonds but had not actually seen one in person until I received my Fiona Diamonds stud earrings with 14kt white gold. It is absolutely  stunning girls. It actually shines brighter than the natural diamonds I have. I am wearing both the Fiona Diamonds and the natural diamond stud earrings in this picture; take a look for yourself.

I feel so lucky to have found “Fiona Diamonds“. Fiona Diamonds are lab grown diamonds and cultured in a controlled environment. They are purer than mined diamonds and possess the same cut, color, carat and clarity without harming nature or humanity. They make a perfect gift. The beautiful earrings come in a very cute box and a light shining on them when you open the box. It’s stunning.

Fiona only sells lab grown diamonds and moissanites which is why their stones are conflict free and have no adverse environmental effects. The best part is donates 5% of its profit to charities that help rescue children from mining and other environmental causes.

I urge you to join Fiona’s cause and #ShineResponsibly by supporting it. Everyone knows the old adage that “A Diamond is Forever” but I truly believe that is #TheNewForever….

Use code SHILA10 for 10% off your order.

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