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I am not sure if it’s due to the dry heat or the summer wind that has left my skin dry and thirsty for hydration or just because I love the way these bottles look. Either way I was head over heels the moment I saw these pretty oils. They look so luxurious and welcoming I had to have them.

My new found fascination for oils is starting to get a bit pricey but thank goodness to HomeGoods (My Disneyland) I can find random and pricey items for much less at the most unexpected shopping trips. On this trip I came across these lovely oils and what caught my eyes was the real flowers in the bottle infused with Vitamin E (my cure for any cut or rash). I had the urge to just open it right there and smell and try it right away.

I purchased three of them. Rose Hip Hydrating Body Oil, Lavender Body Oil and Vitamin E Face and Body Oil. The one infused with pink rose buds smells just like a rose and it hydrates my skin just perfectly without leaving it greasy. As for the classic lavender with real dried lavender infused in the oil, imparts a feeling of peacefulness and purity. I put this on my body before bedtime and after shower. It’s a perfect scent for relaxation.


I also decided to purchase the Vitamin E Face and Body Oil, because as I said I am addicted to Vitamin E and to be frank it has worked wonders for me helping alleviate any scars. Trust me, you want to try it. I use this on my face and neck right after shower before applying my other facial products. This one doesn’t have any scent and it absorbs into your skin very quickly without leaving it shiny or greasy.

Quick Tip: During dry summer days or cold winter days I mix in the Vitamin E oil with my foundation before applying it to my face to add a little more hydration and smooth  coverage.

I did a little digging into the company, and I can see that their website Measurable Difference is under construction. But you can find the product on Chrislie website for $29.00. On the other hand I purchased these for $6.99 each at HomeGoods. I highly suggest that you visit your local HomeGoods or TJ-Maxx Department store and head to the Bath and Lotion section to find them for a much lower price.

Hope you enjoyed this read. Until next time


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