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Drugstore Dry Shampoo

Washing long hair everyday is not an easy task. Those of us who have had long hair most of our lives can totally relate. I used to wash, blow dry and style my hair everyday until I start noticing the lack of density and fullness in my hair. It was not as full anymore, and when I braided my hair it was not that chunky healthy braid I was used to all my life, so I started hitting google and researching the products I was using. I found a lot of great information, as far as what causes hair loss in general. The most talked about subject was of course STRESS… Yep that’s the big one. I also looked into some remedies and what I can do aside from not being stressed (ya right) to help my hair loss. I also asked around from those with beautiful long locks and of course my doctor. They all seem to agree on one thing; Do not wash your hair everyday! What? How can I not? Especially when I workout everyday. Well, bottom line was that I needed to give it a try so I did. But what do you do between your wash? Use dry shampoo. I have been using Oribe Dry Shampoo from the start of this process, and I have written a blog which you can read all about right here; Oribe Products.

While on vacation, I ran out of my Oribe Dry Shampoo (Oh No!) and of course the only store near by was a drug store. In the hopes of finding something that actually works and not leave white powder in my hair I purchased two of the Betiste Dry Shampoo for a very reasonable price. I purchased one form brown hair, and for curiosity reasons I also purchased the original. Since I have dark brown hair I did not like the original, only because it left white residue in my hair but it did go away after a while. However the one for brown hair worked perfectly. It completely covered the shiny spots on the scalp and it gave it a much needed volume. I have to admit, the scent is not as great as Oribe but it does the work.

How to use it: I do not follow the instructions stated on the bottle unless my hair is very greasy. I prefer spraying it on a wet brush with the boar bristles. I spray a good amount of Batiste onto the brush and then comb it into the parts of my hair, and if I am really in need of volume, I spray a little at the crown of my head after parting the hair. Since I have discovered dry shampoo, I only wash my hair every 2-3 days depending on if I have an event coming up or not and use the dry shampoo in between. This dry shampoo lasts a long time so you do not need to worry about it wearing off.

Hope you enjoyed this read and please let me know if you have any questions.


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