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I am new to color correcting concealers and find it fascinating with  how much you can cover. I never had the need to color correct anything on my face, or so I thought!! But now I am finding all kinds of new ways to cover the dark circles under the eyes or that ugly pimple that pups up exactly on date night. You know what I mean. Okay, now that I have found this amazing way of covering the dark circles and red blemishes I find myself very overwhelmed with all the colors that it comes in… Which do you choose?  yellow, green, red, purple, pink, orange, and natural. For someone who has always relied on a beige concealer to cover the unwanted spots, this can be daunting…

After much research I decided to try the But before I go into my review on that particular product I want to go over the colors and which one you should use for your skin tone. This is what I have learned this far, I sure hope it helps you on your venture of choosing the correct color.

First thing to master is to learn about the color wheel:


For example, you see how the red is directly across from the green on the wheel. That’s an indication that the green will cover any red blemishes or any red spots. Now follow the sample pattern for other colors. It’s that simple, who knew?

Green concealers:

The color green neutralizes the color red, which is why I would recommend the green concealer for any red spots on your face and neck, and then apply your foundation for a flawless skin.

Purple or violet concealers:

Can you tell which color is across the violet on the wheel? Well, you guessed it right my friends, it’s the yellow. If you have any yellow undertones on your skin violet, or purple concealer will be your best friend in helping to  eliminate those areas.

Yellow concealers:

You got a bruise or a vein you want to cover? Yellow is your buddy in that area. Also it helps with unwanted under eye circles. You can also use it as an eye shadow base for a perfect eye makeup.

Orange Concealers:

This one is not for the fair or light skin tones. This color is more for face contouring or using it more as a liquid bronzer. This would be a great concealer for people with dark skin tones. You can also use this to cover any old brown scars or old blemishes that are just not going away.

Neutral Concealers:

This is for those lucky ones who are not dealing with too many problem areas and not in need of much color corrections. This will work perfectly to cover any small problem areas or anything that needs mild color correcting.

Pink, red, salmon or peach concealers:

If you want to brighten around your eyes and look more fresh, you want to choose any of the shades of pink. This is the best fighting agent to cover those stubborn dark circles around the eyes. And one more thing to add is that these concealers also work very well to cover raccoon eyes and to give sallow olive tones skin a much needed radiance.

With all that being said, now let’s talk about the one I chose and what I think of it.

DrugStore Makeup-2

For my first purchase as a color correcting concealer, I really liked this product. It goes on smooth and covers the red blemishes perfectly. I applied the green side on the problem area enough to cover it, and applied the natural concealer right after. Once I had the area covered I applied my foundation and powder, and my skin looked just perfect. This is a great product for the price, I have yet to try other brands. Once I do I will write a comparison blog about each one.

Hope you enjoyed this read.


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