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Childproofing Door Stopper

Hi everyone,

I am back with some tips on how to choose the best childproofing products for your home without having to destroy your doors or door/wall moldings.

Like any other new mama, I wanted to buy everything that looked like it was going to keep my child safe around the house. Sometimes I’d even buy products without reading the reviews (I blame the hormones for this #HormonalShopper)

Here is some advice. Do your research, read blogs from other moms. Read reviews and keep your receipts. Thanks to social media you have all the information at the tip of your fingertips so do yourself a favor and read about the products on those sleepless nights.

Door Knobs/Door Stopper

Ok, let’s start with the door knobs. I was looking for something simple and something that didn’t require drilling into doors and walls. After much research, I found these amazing and simple door stoppers that are called ‘Door Monkey Door Lock and Pinch Guard’

This door monkey is so easy to use, you just clip it on the door and take it out when you want to use the loo. You can purchase these from Amazon (link below). They come in a pack of two or four. Works with standard 1-3/8″ thick interior doors and standard door stop molding. Make sure to check the size of your door.

I’ll be posting more of other childproofing products soon.


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