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Stair Gate

I was looking for safe stair gates as well as one that actually looked good. From what I had seen so far there were bulky ones and some that totally changed the house decor. There is nothing wrong with trying to find something that does what it meant to do in this case, keep my child safe from falling down the stairs, but also look good! After many nights browsing the net and reading endless reviews I found Retract-A-Gate safety gate. At the first glance, it does not look like a conventional stair gate. The design is very clean and it looked like it actually works. NOW YOU GOT MY ATTENTION.

I placed an order for a pair, and a month later I ordered the third one. I have to admit it is a bit pricier than your regular stair gates but it’s a money well spent.

It is easy to install, it comes with all the parts you need. It is easily moveable to either the top of the stairs or to the bottom of the stairs depending on where you are. What does that mean you ask? Once you have installed the mounts on the wall you can easily move the gate to either upstairs or downstairs to lock it down.

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