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Fashion Motherhood

Childproofing Door Stopper

Hi everyone, I am back with some tips on how to choose the best childproofing products for your home without having to destroy your doors or door/wall moldings. Like any other new mama, I wanted to buy everything that…

Fashion Lifestyle

Workout Gear

I don’t know about you but I know that I have to look and feel good for my workout sessions. Some of you may not agree with the “looking good for workout” idea, and that’s okay. Wearing a colorful…

Fashion Lifestyle

Beach Day

Summer is around the corner and I am always in search for new trendy summer and beach wear. I have noticed that color is in this season especially the colorful pom pom everything. I have found some pricey items…

Beauty Fashion Lifestyle

Sneaky Grey Hair

I think I was 18 when I saw my first strand of gray hair and panicked! I mean who has gray hair at such young age? Am I aging too fast? What’s wrong with me? Well, those were only…

Fashion Lifestyle


I found some of the cutest stuff that will work perfectly for your spring fashion. Hope you like my finds. XOXO I am obsessed with salmon color anything…. It looks very flattering on an olive skin, if you haven’t…

Fashion Lifestyle

2016 the “IT” Flip Flop

What is the trendiest Flip Flop of Summer 2016 you ask? Well, if you want to stay on point and stylish you definitely want the  ‘Rockstud’ Flip Flop by none other than Valentino. Jelly sandals are back this summer,…

Fashion Lifestyle

New Year’s Dress

I don’t know about you but I am struggling here…. I have gone through my closet (all three of them) about four or five times and I have yet to find anything worthy of New Years 2016 celebrations. So,…

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