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Bond No.9

These New York inspired perfumes are one of my favorite fragrances. They each remind me of the time I lived in New York. An afternoon stroll down central park or Fifth Avenue during the springtime. The smell of spring in the air with all the freshly bloomed flowers, the wind in my hair and beautiful people all around…Ok enough reminiscing, let’s get back to the present.

I have been wearing Bond No. 9 Central Park, and Bryant Park for over five years. Prior to Bond No.9 I was using Creed Spring Flower a very fresh and light floral smell with a fresh scent. I guess you can say that I love the fresh clean spring smell.

I get a lot of compliments wearing my perfumes and over time I have learned which fragrances compliment my skin and which ones to stay away from. Some fragrances smell great on others but when I try them they give me a very bad headache or they just don’t smell as good. I’ll go into more detail down below why each fragrance smells differently on each skin.

With that being said, I still love it when I get a compliment on my perfume, and happily let the person know what I am wearing.


I love Bond No.9 because the smell doesn’t give me a headache when I spray it and it stays on for more than five hours. That’s a lot to be said for a perfume. Usually they only last for a few hours, and lose the fresh scent. Bond No.9 Bryant Park  was my first Bond, and I was hooked after that. It smells perfect for daytime or night time. It has rose-patchouli concoction with pink pepper and it is my all time favorite. Bond No. 9 Central Park is a springtime wake up call; Narcissus mingled with tangy ylang ylang and a pinch of piquant pepper. A beckoning white-petal mélange— orris, jasmine, and linden—and majestic gardenia. I call it spring in a bottle.

Bond No.9 also has candles for each scent as well as body cream. The body cream is thick and if you do apply it before you spray the perfume it makes the smell last longer and stays more fresh.


Keep in mind that each fragrance smells differently on each person due to your body chemistry. It all depends on the pH level of your skin. Before you purchase a fragrance make sure to test it on your skin first, and let it sit for at least five to 10 minutes. If you still like the smell then go on and splurge.

Happy Shopping….

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