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Throughout my second pregnancy I’ve tried the same skin regiment to prevent stretch marks with the same body oils & lotions as my first pregnancy because they worked for me. I have zero stretch-marks from the first pregnancy (Thank goodness).

But during my second pregnancy I came across Belli Beauty Skincare at my OB’s office. It came highly recommended, so I gave it a try. I tried the “Lavender infused Elasticity Belly Oil” and it was love at first sight. It’s a thick oil that goes on smoothly but does not leave any oily traces behind leaving my shirts clean looking not oily and worn out. But it’s the scent of lavender that has me even more hooked on this oil. Imagine you are running in the field of freshly bloomed lavender farm in the french country. It’s amazing… It’s very calming and I feel like the oil in combination with the lavender also calms the baby down during those belly kickboxing nights. Ya’ll know what I mean.

I used the “Elasticity Oil” in combinations with the “Stretch Mark Cream” to keep my skin hydrated and moist during the cold, and dry weather of fall. So far it has worked with the elasticity of my every-growing belly with zero stretch-marks.

I am totally hooked on Belli Beauty Skincare everything. From the oil to the eye serum, face wash and everything else they make. I will continue using them pregnant or not.

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