New Year’s resolution

A New Year’s resolution is a decision to do or not do something in order to accomplish a personal goal or break a habit.

This time around I suggest that you don’t make any resolutions on haste, take your time and reflect on the pros and cons of your goal and set a deadline. Be realistic and plan accordingly. Make that resolution when you want to, which can be anytime during the 365 days of the year, not when you are suppose to (hence January 1st).

My motto this year: Make a resolution after deliberation, in moderation, and with full determination.

What is my New Year’s Resolution you ask? Here are some of the more realistic goals I set and keeping myself accountable in accomplishing them.

  • Stay positive no matter what the end result
  • Workout everyday (this is out of the window since I have been sick for the first week of my New Year) but I will try and start once I am all better
  • Get into Yoga and Meditation (Checked, I signed up with Yoga Works)
  • Volunteer more (please recommend if you have any good suggestions in LA area)
  • Launch my blog (check, with a big smiley face)
  • Be confident in sharing my experiences with the world. Good or bad, be open and stay confident in what I believe in
  • Work on my writing skills (English not my 1st language in fact it’s the 3rd and that gives me anxiety when I write, because I know it’s not perfect)
  • Cherish old friends and make new good friends
  • Paint more

Well, here it is… now I have to keep at it and JUST DO IT. Please feel free to share your resolutions

Thanks for reading and have a fantastic New Year.




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