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4moms breeze GO

4moms breeze GO Playard in Grey

Those that follow me know that 4moms has a special place in our home. We love everything 4moms creates. Everything is done with busy moms in mind with high-quality material and meticulous attention to details on every product. Innovative and efficient products all around.

I am so happy we got our 4moms breeze Go Playard. First and foremost, it is so easy to set up and pack up, it makes life so much easier for traveling, and it is one of the best quality playards we have seen in the market, and it has its own carrying case, which is a win-win in my book

I love that it has a see-through mesh kind of wall for me to see my little one while trying to get things done around the house. It is large enough that he can crawl a little or sit and play with his toys.

4moms breeze playard
Wearing: Statement Cashmere Lounge Wear Set
Earrings: ADMIT Jewelry Belgravia, sterling silver pearl earrings


To set it up all you have to do is very gently push down on the middle handle of the Playard and voila it opens and snaps into place like a futuristic machine. The latches require zero hustle since they are all automatic, SCORE!

To secure the mattress to the base of the playard, there are velcro fasteners that you just have to put a few minutes of your time in securing them to the Playard.

To pack it up and close it, just pull the playard from the strap that is placed in the center of the Playard and again voila it collapses together perfectly. easy breezy…

Last but not least, it helps that 4moms breeze GO makes me feel at ease knowing my baby is in there safe while I … let’s say take a shower! haha

Overall 4moms breeze GO is a great product and I highly recommend.

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