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June 2016

Lifestyle Music

Let the Sun Shines

In the memory of all those lives lost in the June 12th massacre. I dedicate this week’s song to you all amazing people. ….Let the Sun Shine….. XOXO And here is another version just for you…

Beauty Lifestyle

Hello Gorgeous II

If you read my blogs, you probably read about my first experience with the “Hello Gorgeous” event at the South Coast Plaza location back in January. I had so much fun at that event that I decided to go…

Lifestyle Music

Maybe Something’s Wrong

First time I heard her voice everything stopped and I had to know who she was and the name of the song. She has that raspy voice that I absolutely love. The song is beautiful and she delivers it…

Beauty Lifestyle

Grow Gorgeous Hair Serum

Today I want to talk about a product that I have been using for over a year now and I absolutely love what it has done to my hair. I am not sure how you respond to stress; I…


Color Correction Concealer

I am new to color correcting concealers and find it fascinating with¬† how much you can cover. I never had the need to color correct anything on my face, or so I thought!! But now I am finding all…

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