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April 2016

  • Fashion Lifestyle

    Beach Day

    Summer is around the corner and I am always in search for new trendy summer and beach wear. I have noticed that color is in this season especially the colorful pom…

  • Cooking Lifestyle

    Multigrain Pancake

    I am always in search of making healthy choices for my most important meal of the day. My Breakfast! I discovered Multigrain baking & Pancake Mix from Trader Joe’s  a few…

  • Beauty Fashion Lifestyle

    Sneaky Grey Hair

    I think I was 18 when I saw my first strand of gray hair and panicked! I mean who has gray hair at such young age? Am I aging too fast?…

  • Lifestyle Music


    A lot of you may already be familiar with this extraordinary and mysterious Artist/Dj/Producer/Musician/Singer/etc….. I am already in love with some of his creations if not all (my favorite: Faded) I…

  • Beauty Lifestyle

    Spring with Dior

    I have decided to share two of my favorite lip products from Dior with you. Again, thanks to my wonderful friend Dresden Buras from Dior who sent me these two beautiful…

  • Fashion Lifestyle


    I found some of the cutest stuff that will work perfectly for your spring fashion. Hope you like my finds. XOXO I am obsessed with salmon color anything…. It looks very…

  • Lifestyle Music

    Song of the Week

    During my travels growing up and being a DJ at a young age for a radio station in Turkey I fell in love with music. I enjoyed any sound or beat…

  • Lifestyle

    Little Milou

    Today I have decided to write abut my little Maltese named Milou. He is a AKC pure Maltese whose parents are dog show competitors. I picked him up earlier this year…

  • Beauty Lifestyle

    The Perfect Derma™ Peel

    The Perfect Derma “PD PEEL” ( A Chemical Peel) About: The Perfect Derma™ Peel is the only peel that includes the powerful anti-oxidant Glutathione (I had to look this up, I linked it for…

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