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2016 the “IT” Flip Flop

What is the trendiest Flip Flop of Summer 2016 you ask? Well, if you want to stay on point and stylish you definitely want the  ‘Rockstud’ Flip Flop by none other than Valentino. Jelly sandals are back this summer, and Valentino’s Rockstud’s are running out of stuck, so you better get your hand on them pronto.

I love these jelly sandals. The studded bow is just so cute and the fact that they don’t get wet and dirty is just another reason to carry one in your purse for those long days in your 4 inch heels. Ya know what I mean?


If you are looking for the same look but less pricey, try Wild Diva’s Black Studded Jelly Bow Sandals.

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